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California was my home for the first 30 years of my life where I enjoyed the great weather, outdoor sports and beaches. There I completed my B.S./ M.B.A. and gained the first couple years of work experience before moving to Switzerland in 1993. I continued to work in large companies usually introducing new projects and then working with employees through the change process.

Leadership Coaching

Equine-facilitated learning is a powerful approach to improving your leadership skills. Horses are experts in the 4 areas – communication, respect, trust and leadership – necessary for building successful relationships with sustainable results. Horses will automatically give you an honest feedback as to how they perceive you as a leader. This valuable feedback will provide you with new insights and solutions for successfully leading people.

I have many years of experience in the corporate world, with horses and as a coach in equine-facilitated learning.

After completing my business degrees, I entered the business world where I was fortunate to work for and with really good people and also lead projects teams myself. My experiences provided me with valuable insights about the challenges leaders face on a daily basis and how effective leaders deal with these challenges.

Personal Development

Equine-facilitated learning is a powerful approach for personal development. Horses are drawn to you and willing to follow you when you step into their true power. They give you the courage to be yourself and feel good about it.

My motivation for this work is to support people in stepping into their true power. I followed my heart and changed careers once I discovered my passion for horses. Working with horses really made a difference in strengthening my leadership skills and in being able to communicate and stand up for my needs, without feeling guilty about it. I learned to gain and extend trust to horses, despite their somewhat larger size and more power. These were very empowering experiences for me. If someone had told me years ago, that I would learn some of the life’s most powerful lessons with a horse, I would have been rather skeptical. However, after my own experiences and seeing the changes in clients, I cannot imagine a more powerful approach for transformational work.

My personal journey, many years around horses and the training as an equine-facilitated coach give me the necessary skills and experience to support clients in similar situations.

Intuitive Riding

I will show you different ways of communicating and connecting with your horse. This will include working with mental images, energy and intuition (something we all have).

As I coach in equine-facilitated personal development, I will also integrate reflective work and exercises into the sessions with you and your horse.

I had the chance to observe wild mustangs in Nevada, work at a ranch with over 120 horses in Montana and spend time with wild horses in Bosnia-Hercogovina. It’s here that I got a strong sense of what is means to be a horse and that most of the problems we have with horses are self-made, either due to the stabling/feeding conditions or because of how we interact with the horse.

You can learn all you want from books and lessons, but in the end what matters most is the quality of the relationship you have with your horse. There are no shortcuts to creating a relationship in which the horse wants to be with you.


Leadership Coaching

The offer includes open workshops, leadership coaching, executive seminars for companies and evening workshops without a horse.

Personal Development

The offer includes open workshops (1- and 2-day), individual coaching and evening workshops without a horse.

Intuitive Riding

The offer includes courses, mobile lessons for individuals/ groups and evening workshops without a horse.


  • Evening with the Herd

    EVENING WITH THE HERD Come out and enjoy a wonderfully relaxing evening with horses and like-minded folks … the idea is to enjoy and exchange with one another on a heart-based level in the company of horses … we have exercises with and without the horses and afterwards we go inside to en...

    February 6 @ 12:00 - 13:30

Intuitive Riding

“With patience and good advice from Marina it worked and I am proud what my horse and I have achieved until now. By working on the ground with my horse as well, my goals have changed. Now I am working towards working with less and less pressure when leading and riding my horse. It’s amazing to experience things, which I did not think were possible. I see how my horse enjoys the breaks I take while trail riding and he can eat grass when we stop along the way. He always stays close to me and I feel his thankfulness and trust in me.”

– PK

Leadership Coaching

“A big thanks for the professional and caring support throughout the workshop.”

“It was impressive and educational at the same time! It was also a nice experience to work with horses.”

“Giving someone time … space … leading with clarity and resolution. We learned this and so much more with you.”

“Me and horses? I could never have imagined that. I was positively surprised and was able to take away a lot of new insights, plus I had fun!”

“Hands on – that’s perfect for an IT guy. Lots of parallels to real life.”

– Seerose Resort & Spa in Meisterschwanden

Personality Development

“Marina, it was a good decision to come for a coaching to you and the two horses, Hummer and Terral. I came because I wanted to learn more about myself and find out why I could not stay focused on the goals I wanted to achieve. Thank you for our talks and for picking up on what (emotional) blocks were around. I learned a lot about myself.”

– E. St.


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Umgang mit Emotionen

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